Spectacle Trio à Colomiers le 24 novembre 2022

Jeudi 24 novembre 2022


Ist - International School Of Toulouse Primary & Secondary (2 Allée De L'herbaudière)

5.34 €

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Plus d'infos sur le spectacle Trio à Colomiers

Two audience members are randomly picked, they choose a genre for an adventure they would like to live, and they are off ! They become the unexpected heroes of a thrilling story.

Mark narrates, directs and plays all the other characters whilst the lucky couple are transformed into the heroes of their own fabulous adventure.

It's obviously improvised, it's obviously a unique performance and it's obviously an unforgettable moment for everybody. The Oscars for the best actor and actress are not far off...

Site web : https://bullecarree.fr/

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